Hi-Tech Solarium

At our tanning shop we want to give you the best tanning experience by giving you the opportuity to use the latest sunbeds technology available on the market. By doing so we also make sure tanning in our solarium is very safe.

All our sunbeds have UV emmision levels compliant with the latest 0.3W/m2 EU directive (UVA+UVB+UVC<0.3W/m2), what makes our tan as healthy as natural sunlight.

What is more all our sunbeds are equiped with Dynamic Power technology. This technology gives 25% more power for every W of energy used. It also ensures that our lamps are allways as efficient as they were brand new. This together with neck and arm lamps results always in even healthy looking tan.

However tanning is not only about health. It is also about getting relaxed in nice, warm sunbed. This is why we bring you many fancy gadgeds to make our tanning experience exceptional. Every sunbed in our tanning shop is equiped with climatronic as well as aroma breezes. Making sure you will not get sweat even during long tanning sessions. Unless of coure you do like to get really hot, then you can just turn them off.

Sunbeds at Savannah are also equiped with 3-D Sound System for extraordinary sound. They have also an option to plug your own mp3 player so you can listen to whatever music you like during your session


Sunbed Sunbed Sunbed

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